How the media you consume can change your life

I love this video created by LoveSocial and (and the accompanying infographic) for International Women’s Day. It somehow manages to be fun and playful while effectively communicating an issue that’s actually kind of depressing.

It’s interesting that they juxtapose issues of media influence on girls and self-image with the lack of women in leadership roles. The implied argument is not only that misrepresentation and negative images of women in media both fuel discrimination against women, but also that in the absence of media literacy that allows female viewers to take a critical eye to the media they take in, these images can also hamper girls and women’s ambition and confidence, with serious implications for individual careers and gender parity overall. In other words, the media we consume, and how we consume it, can make us viewers inclined to take women less seriously as leaders – and in the case of female viewers, to take themselves and other girls and women less seriously. It parallels some of what Kerry Washington said recently about how art can expand our understandings of what’s possible in the real world – if art can expand how we imagine what’s possible, it can also limit it.

On a less serious note: any bets on how much longer the current trend of videos in this style (text/chart heavy, lots of rotating camera angles, pulsating music) will go on? I enjoy the style, but it’s a bit, well, everywhere lately. Mix it up, media production companies!


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02. May 2012 by tfc
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