Nancy Pelosi sons Luke Russert

This is kind of beautiful:

Short version: Luke Russert asked what I think was intended as a reasonable question (i.e., whether it hurts the House Democrats to have leaders over 70 occupy all of the most prominent positions) in an ageist, sexist, and shallow fashion:

“Mrs. Pelosi,” said Russert, “some of your colleagues privately say that your decision to stay on prohibits the party from having younger leadership. It hurts the party in the long term. What’s your response?”

It’s totally valid to ask what the Dems are doing to cultivate younger leadership, but perhaps when Nancy Pelosi is announcing her intention to stay on as minority leader is not the best time to do it. Especially seeing as she’s the only woman to lead either party in either House of Congress, well, ever (and the highest ranking woman in American political history to date). Why direct the question at her specifically?

The good Congresswoman gave Russert quite the dressing down for his comments:

The fact is that everything that I have done in my almost decade now of leadership is to elect younger and newer people to the Congress. In my own personal experience it was very important for me to elect young women. I came to Congress when my youngest child Alexandra was a senior in high school and practically on her way to college. I knew that my male colleagues had come when they were 30. They had a jump on me because they didn’t have to, children to stay home. Now, I did what I wanted to do, I was blessed to have that opportunity to sequentially raise my family and then come to Congress. But I wanted women to be here in greater numbers at an earlier age so that their seniority would start to account much sooner. And it wasn’t confined to women, though. [...]

You’ve got to take off of that 14 years for me because I was home raising a family, getting the best experience of all in diplomacy, interpersonal skills. No, the answer is no. [Transcript via Daily Kos]

Just beautiful. I love that Pelosi worked in a teaching moment on the obstacles that put women, especially women with kids, on a delayed track to higher leadership positions compared to men. Showing us all why she’s the boss.

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Cher + Kathy Griffin: Epic


Cher and Kathy Griffin. In a thing we made. Life is pretty good right about now.

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Confession: I am a Romosexual- World Series Champion Gets Political

I know that national coming out day has come and gone, but I need to come out. I need to come out as a Romosexual. Now I wish that i could take the lead on coining this term but alas I cant. In fact, I don’t even know who did, but this is how I came to find out about it, and for those of you unwilling to click that there hyper link, I am in fact referring to Sergio Romo- not Tony Romo-, closing pitcher for the 2012 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants.

Yes, it’s because of World Series fever, yes its because of a million other little things, but right now, it’s mostly because of this picture.

Colorlines, has been doing a great job of covering and mobilizing folks to stop using “Illegal” to describe our numerous undocumented workers, families and children. But this photo, is a separate statement in and of itself.

Athletes often take on random campaigns for someone suffering a disease, like that kid, with that thing, that Brian Wilson and Cody Ross did that Dynamite video remake with. Or for someone struggling due to a natural disaster or for the very-very sad story of Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was beaten bruttally during the first SF Giants/Dodger game of the 2011 season, right after we’d one our last world series championship.

But more over in the last few years, the SF Giants have been the team to actually speak out about more political issues, like being the first major league team to support the It Get’s Better Campaign.

Maybe it’s because we’re in politically minded, left swinging San Francisco, maybe it’s because they’re just different people. The Giants have been seen by Major League Baseball, and the rest of the nation, since their 2010 victory, as misfits, outcasts, weirdos. All true, Romo himself not excluded from those descriptors, but now this.

Sergio Romo, in his own, insane, particular, specific way, has tipped the scale and made a significant statement about not only his politics, but important politics for the Bay Area, for California, and for our nation right now. The Phoenix Suns did it when they spoke up a bit in response to Arizona’s insane immigration SB 1070, but this directly puts a Latino face, to assumptions, and attaches a major league name.

As a proud native of SF and a die hard Giants fan and CHICANA, I couldn’t be more proud. Border issues, immigration issues, the I-Word- are realities for so many here in CA, in SF- and yet we don’t talk about them in any serious or public way, except at ethnic studies conferences or other activisty-hippy private communities we brown folks participate in. This is excellent mainstream attention. Romo’s speech today spoke to a theme the SF Giants org has been running with for a while, “Together We’re Giant” and his statement in itself is Giant. It says, we’re San Francisco, and that’s what’s up!

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Updated: Here’s the speech itself, with implicit references to the dream act. At least that’s what we’re letting ourselves believe.


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Lena Dunham for Obama

Lena Dunham has an online ad out in suport of President Obama. Like an honest to goodness ad from the Obama campaign. It’s official. Lena Dunham is taking over the world.

But about this ad…I have questions.

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Disney’s First Latina Princess- Almost?

So the jezebels at Jezebel hat tipped me to this notion that Sofia, in Sofia the First, *might* be Latina. And that’s a strong *might*. It’s not even about how she reads for me. I am struggling for evidence in the trailer.

Please tell me if you see it?

Honestly, if our clue is that she’s got a single mom who marries a blond king, well that’s just flat out stupid. Not all us Latinas (full or part) are baby mamas. Just saying.

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Viral Video: Racial Profiling Recorded on an iPod

If you haven’t seen this yet, see it.



Kids and their media CAN change the world. Also, the cops insult of him being a mutt, while striking a personal cord, adds to the debate about how we’re profiling. Brown, practically brown, or even the absence of white… Hoodies again.


For Trayvon. Sean. Oscar. And others… kids can and should change the world.
I’ll leave it at that.

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Actually, Mitt…

Remember the debate a couple weeks ago? You know, the one Mitt Romney “won” by telling so many lies it would make his grandma blush?

We teamed up with Schlep Labs and American Bridge to launch, a platform for smart, funny videos to do just that.

Watch the trailer for upcoming videos below. The first video is Rosie Perez docking Mitt for his fantasies of being Latino. It rolls out tomorrow – you won’t want to miss it! And there’s more to come from Sarah Silverman, W. Kamau Bell, Lizz Winstead, and others.

Don’t forget to check out our new project (in Beta) at Barnacle Studios and our past work at Strategic Productions!

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Passing for Brown

I try and stay away from arguments discussing whether or not white actors/musicians/celebrities get a “hood” or “ghetto” pass, perhaps because I myself don’t feel like I own the right to decide who is or is not eligible for one.

But it only seems appropriate to bring up this topic today, on Columbus Indigenous People’s Day (yes, that’s what San Francisco calls it). Every racial group gives passes.

Or can make arguments to hand them out…

But it’s 2012, and while there may be a few lone folk out there who can get passes into the inner circles of some ethnic groups, it’s never easy any more to see Hollywood so easily give out passes for brown/asian/red. Some exceptions might be made for parody or satire or sketch like SNL, but after saying for 4 years, Fred Armisen’s Obama is good, but why can’t they just hire a black guy, Jay Pharoah is making SNL look dumb for not doing it sooner.

That aside, the new trailer making its way around the internet for Lone Ranger,(see what I did up there) starring whats-his-face and Johnny Depp, as Tonto, has me puzzled. Puzzled because I don’t know if I’m supposed to be offended or not that he’s playing a Native person- though I know he claims some unknown percentage of one tribe or another. Oh yeah, and he was apparently “adopted” by the Comanche Nation to make his Tonto portrayal kosher.

Needless to say, I’m torn. Does Johnny get a pass for that? Or does he get a pass because he’s Johnny-Fricken-Depp? Initially I felt the latter, and still, in considering some of his other roles, I can’t help but feel compelled to say it’s true. Johnny Depp can do little harm, because he’s Johnny-Fricken-Depp.

Holding as much judgement as possible (I know, that’s hard for me) until I see the film, I will not simply say, Johnny Depp can do know wrong, despite the fact that I think we all secretly feel that way. So for now, consider with me, Depp’s collection of roles and potential passes.


I don’t care what you say, Jack Sparrow is ambiguously raced as ever so he’s likely a mutt.

He’s done, creepy old white guy…

Latin Drag Queen…

Mad Irishmen…

Oompaloompa & Repressed German…


I mean let’s face it- he’s even played an amphibian and a K-Pop star, twice!  So while we await the release and buzz for Lone Ranger, I guess our real question should be in the mean time what CAN’T he do?

So, I guess, if a man, who in his every day life, can be a boho-hippie-rockstar-bluegrassy-hipster can play all of those roles above, maybe can be adopted by a native nation and play a fictional indigenous man painted like WWE’s Sting. Stranger things have happened.


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This is Personal

Congress and my ovaries should never touch

Not that you’d know it in a political climate where Republicans think people who use birth control are “sluts” and “legitimate rape” can’t cause pregnancy, but it turns out that access to reliable contraception and family planning methods is actually kind of important.

I didn’t realize that there haven’t been many studies on why Americans use contraception or what benefits they get from it. Guttmacher just released a new study surveying over two thousand women to look into this question. Totally unsurprisingly, they found that access to birth control is connected to financial, professional, and family, and personal wellbeing. Kind of like a lot of women have been saying all along: having choice and access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care is good for women, and pretty much good for everyone.

Which is part of why we’re really proud to have worked on This is Personal, the National Women’s Law Center’s recently launched project to raise awareness about legislation around access to birth control and reproductive health issues. This is Personal provides information on laws around the country and offers some simple actions people can take to support reproductive health access right from the website. You can also share the information and actions with your networks on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re really excited that This is Personal is taking off and having an impact!

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“Masculine traits” = workplace success?

This could be you, if only you knew when to act manly at work. Image by Flower Factor, CC license.

So I just read about this study from researchers at Stanford and George Mason:

In the business world, women who are aggressive, assertive, and confident but who can turn these traits on and off depending on the social circumstances get more promotions than either men or other women, according to a recent study by Olivia O’Neill and Charles O’Reilly…

Masculine women who were high self-monitors did quite well professionally, according to the study. They received 1.5 times more promotions than masculine men, and about two times as many promotions as feminine men, regardless of whether the men were high or low self-monitors. They also received 3 times as many promotions as masculine women who were low self-monitors, affirming that masculine behavior alone does not garner success.

“The interesting thing here is that being able to regulate one’=’s masculine behavior does not simply put women on par with men, it gives them even more of an advantage,” notes O’Neill. “This shows that for women who do want success at the managerial level, the paths are there.”

The study also showed that self?monitoring masculine women received 1.5 times as many promotions as feminine women, regardless of whether those women were high or low self-monitors. “There is no evidence that ‘acting like a lady’ does anything except make women more well liked,” O’Neill said. “Women with ultra-feminine traits, in fact, are still seen as less competent in traditional managerial settings.” – Stanford Graduate School of Business

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